We believe that each horse is unique. We will help you develop an individualized healthcare and performance program to suit the particular needs, desires, and circumstances of each horse under your care.


By the sharing of our influence and resources, Charleston Equine Clinic is committed to improving the lives of horses and those that love them. Through generous contributions of time and money, we will continue to support local equine charities and to sponsor local shows, rodeos and events. We will lobby for the rights of horses and horse ventures and defend those that need and deserve our assistance. We believe in the importance of educating and equipping horse owners, as well as the general public, to develop and enhance a lasting appreciation of the horse.


We are continuously striving to take our practice to the next level through continuing education, advanced training and cutting edge technologies. Our team of veterinarians is unrivaled in experience and ability, and our commitment to being and remaining the best means that we can never stop exceeding our past achievements or previous level of excellence.


As the first exclusively equine clinic in the Lowcountry, it is important to us to continue in this practice’s tradition of promoting the profession and mentoring young aspiring veterinarians. We have inspired and guided more current practicing veterinarians and current veterinary students than any other practice in the region, ensuring that the horses of the Lowcountry will have quality healthcare for generations to come.


At the heart of every honest and effective veterinary practitioner is a scientist. We believe in the value of high quality scientific research within the unchanging principles of the scientific method. It is our aim to make decisions about the care of individual patients integrating individual clinical expertise with the best available scientific evidence. The confidence and trust of our clients is an incredible reward and responsibility to be protected.