Did you know that there are alternatives to joint injections with steroids? 
For our case of the week, Dr. Miller is showcasing a system from Owl Manor called Pro-Stride to help manage an athlete’s joint pain. 
What is Pro-Stride? 
Pro-Stride is an advanced lameness technology that uses the horse’s own blood to stimulate healing and control inflammation within a joint. This reparative treatment is able to harness the horse’s natural healing capacity rather than just treating symptoms with steroids. It is a one-time treatment that can be done on the farm or at the clinic. Give us a call to see if this treatment could benefit your horse!

PRO-STRIDE - 01/29/2021

Tooth Extraction - 02/05/2021

For our case of the week, Dr. Kathryn Sharbrough is performing a tooth extraction on a mare who presented with weight loss and an open wound on the right side of her face. Upon examination, it was determined that she had a fractured tooth that had become infected. Once the tooth was removed, the mare was much more comfortable and back to eating well!
Poor dental hygiene can cause malnutrition and disease that lead to pain and irritation. Through routine examination, our veterinarians are able to determine dental problems early on. Preventative maintenance keeps your horses healthy and comfortable!